Mimiflo® has been an established brand for baby care products since the 1970’s. Whether it be for feeding bottles, nursing accessories, weaning or baby-wearing— Mimiflo is well known for its unparalleled quality and affordability. For more than five decades, we have led Filipinos in the baby care industry given its sensitive understanding of what the Filipino parent and child need the most. Our brand constantly innovate and strive to provide the best love and care for our customers who made us their partner in parenting.

 Indeed, times have changed. Through the years, Mimiflo has witnessed parents become grandparents; and children transitioning to become parents themselves with their own children to care for. To help embrace parenthood with ease, we continue to develop products that are functional, affordable, and relevant with the times.

To this day, we value user feedback fostering continuous learning and good partnership with our customers. As our brand continues to evolve according to the needs of generations, we prove that nothing beats Filipino love, nurture and utmost care.

To provide affordable, quality baby products to the Filipinos.
To be the preferred brand of every Filipino household as we continue to develop products addressing the needs of mothers and babies.